BRUTUS is a lager beer fermented with low-temperature. This type of beer started to be produced at the beginning of the XXth century. BRUTUS recovers all the original flavor of the craft beer that was made in the 20’s and 30’s. Thus transmitting the values of authenticity of things done with passion.

Technical characteristics
Nationality Spanish
Type Lager
Color Light Gold
Alcohol Grade 5,0% vol.
Grad. Sacc. 11,7%
Fermentation low
Body light
IBU 24.
Hop Hallertauer Herkules, Hallertauer Select.
Flavor finely-spiced
"A look at the future"
El Periódico
"BRUTUS Capitanea, a new category of beers of new generation."
Tapas magazine
"Beer that will surprise you for its sensitivity in all the aspects."
Las tendencias del Lujo
"BRUTUS beer is a unique beer that surprises by its image, but also by its taste."
"An authentic whim for the most brewers."

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